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Why Economics?

Posted by shartley13 on October 3, 2011

Before I started Economics as an HSC course, I hadn’t really heard of studying it. I didn’t have much knowledge of what it included, but everyone I spoke to said they thought I would enjoy it. I started Preliminary Economics in Year 10 after I was no longer able to do the Stage 5 course Commerce. I enjoyed Commerce immensely and was excited to extend myself through studying Economics.

I now study Economics because I find it incredibly interesting and because it gives me a deeper understanding of what is happening in the world. I can watch the news and listen to them talk about exchange rates, actually understanding what they are talking about! I think that having knowledge about Economics will help me in decision making in the future, in regards to investments and finances, and if I end up in a career path involving Economics.

Economics is a subject that you can clearly see affecting the world around you and how it impacts you. It isn’t a subject that you would say “when am I going to need this?” you can clearly see that the information you learn will be useful later on.

Thus, I am studying Economics for the HSC because I enjoy it, because it allows me to understand things that are happening in the world around me and because I also think that it will be useful later on in life.



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