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How environmental policies will affect the future

Posted by shartley13 on September 9, 2010

Environmental policies have a substantial impact on economic activity as well as ecological sustainability.  Policies which are in effect now will have a significant impact on the population in the future.

In the economy there is often a trade off between the preservation of the environment and economic growth. That is, as more policies are put in place to protect the environment, fewer resources are available. This will decrease production in the economy as the lower quantity of resources leads to lower levels of supply, reducing economic activity and therefore economic growth. So we can see that an increase in environmental policies that restrict the use of resources will have both positive and negative impacts as in the future there will be a larger amount of natural resources and the environment will be ecologically sustainable whilst the policies will also lead to slower economic growth.

On the other hand environmental policies which reduce the amount of restrictions will lead to a drastic increase in economic growth but a faster depletion of natural resources. In the future this will mean that there aren’t as many resources which could create a reduction in economic growth as it is not possible to produce at high levels due to the lack of resources rather than restrictions put in place.


I am studying economics for the HSC because I enjoy the subject and it has taught me how the economy can be controlled in various ways. Understanding how economies work will be very useful in future careers as both micro and macro economics have given me insight into forces of demand and supply in industry and has helped me to understand how government intervention can lead to either an increase or decrease in economic activity.

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